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These resources are intended to help you prepare for the Intermediate 2 exam. Thanks to Mrs. Boath for sharing them with me!

Check this blog post to find out how you can get free physics revision software for home use only.


To open all the files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer. If you don’t have these on your home pc, go here to find links that will let you open these types of file inside your browser.

Alternatively, you can download the OpenOffice.org suite for free!

Download your copy of the SQA data booklet.

This table contains links to SQA past papers for the Intermediate 2 Physics exam. These papers and solutions are reproduced to support SQA qualifications on a non-commercial basis according to SQA conditions of use.


Unit 1 – Mechanics & Heat

I have split this subject up into separate mechanics and heat downloads. The mechanics material is in a web page format so you can jump around it easily.

vectors & scalars

You know the difference between speed & velocity, don’t you?

Here is a video guide to drawing a vector scale diagram to find displacement.

Vector Scale Diagrams from mr mackenzie on Vimeo.

mechanics – summary for entire mechanics section (powerpoint version here)

projectile motion (video)

example of projectile motion – shoot the monkey (video)

animation showing effects of air resistance

Newton’s 1st law causes a headache for a lorry driver in this video

work, power and energy
potential energy examples
kinetic energy examples
conservation of energy in a roadrunner cartoon (youtube clip)

Friction: here are 3 clips about friction from the BBC programme Bang goes the Theory

and look what happens when cold weather removes the friction that helps you to control your car!

Here is a lesson on Momentum from Valdo

heat – powerpoint file

latent heat summary – how to use heat equations when there is a change of state

summary of mechanics & heat equations

Unit 2 – Electricity & Electronics

This is a large unit so I have split up the revision material into electricity and electronics sections rather than post one enormous file. I have put the electricity file online as a web page that allows you to jump to different sections if you want to skip ahead or go back to something quickly – just use the left hand navigation column for this. If you want to read through one page at a time, just use the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

electricity summary pages (powerpoint version here)

Here is a short video about resistors.

MAKE presents: The Resistor from make magazine on Vimeo.

Ohm’s Law.

Untitled from make magazine on Vimeo.

Notice how the presenter converts the current from mA to A before doing the calculation in his example.

There are useful set of series and parallel resistor activities here. Use the next button or follow links in the left sidebar to progress through the topic.

electricity quiz – test your electricity knowledge

electronics – summary of electronics part of the unit   (powerpoint version here)

High School of Glasgow’s electronics summary notes – powerpoint version &pdf version

LEDs – these Standard Grade notes provide a comparison of LEDs and lightbulbs, including a worked example of how to calculate the series resistor for an LED.

MAKE presents: The LED from make magazine on Vimeo.

transformers – short summary of terms used when dealing with transformers


Unit 3 – Waves & Optics

quiz about waves – pdf file with questions about the properties of waves

waves – complete summary of unit 3 in a powerpoint file (large file!) I recommend the ray diagram section of this presentation, it has clear instructions on how to draw a diagram correctly.

Total internal reflection

total internal reflection from mr mackenzie on Vimeo.

You should be able to draw ray diagrams for the following situations;

  • objects closer than one focal length
  • objects between one and two focal lengths
  • objects more than two focal lengths from the lens

These videos will help.

how to draw a ray diagram from mr mackenzie on Vimeo.

ray diagram for distance > 2f from mr mackenzie on Vimeo.

ray diagram for objects closer than 1f from mr mackenzie on Vimeo.

Unit 4

radioactivity – powerpoint file summarising the radioactivity unit

radiation quiz – how much do you know about radioactivity?

We can measure the Activity of a radioactive source using a Geiger-Müller tube.  Watch this video to see how they work.

How to do half-life calculations (pdf)

Radiation doses are mentioned in this article in The Guardian newspaper.


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