S4 – latent heat

We’ve covered latent heat in class and I have posted the extra notes I gave you today as a pdf file in case you lose them between now and revision time.   When you are reading them, remember that the worked examples on the last 3 pages are credit level work.

revision notes on latent heat (+worked examples)

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  1. the specific latent heat of water is 2.26×10^6 J/Kg (^ = to the power) . How much energy does it take to boil a kettle dry containing 350g of water?

  2. In answer to your 1st question, have you downloaded the file I attached to this blog entry? It contains several pages of explanation and some worked examples to help you see all the steps needed to solve the problem. If you look at the example at the bottom of page 5, you will see that it is almost exactly the same as your question, all you need to do is change the mass.

    Leave another comment if you are still not sure after you’ve read looked at the attached notes.

    To answer part 2, how do you normally remember equations? Have you tried writing them as triangles? Some people find this helps them to rearrange equations. Leave another comment if you are still stuck.


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