S4 forces and seatbelts

We’ve been learning about forces in class and today we looked at how car seatbelts use forces to keep us safe.  Mr Mallon’s HelpMyPhysics site has a short video that demonstrates how a monkey can stay safe during a trolley collision when it is given a seatbelt.

Here is a seatbelt advert from Sussex, the family’s arms show what a seatbelt does.

The next youtube seatbelt advert is pretty graphic – it’s designed to show what happens to our insides when we travel without a seatbelt.  Here is a link to the video, please don’t click if you’re squeamish.

There are several pages of notes about forces on BBC Bitesize.  Remember to try their test when you have worked through the topic.

I have attached a pdf from RoSPA that provides a history of the car seatbelt.  Ignore the bad man who was the face of seatbelt campaigning in the 1970s…

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