Goldfinger’s laser – update

Just one comment so far that correctly identifies the bad physics in my post about Goldfinger’s laser.  If anyone else wants to leave a comment I will give you until the end of the Easter holidays to watch the clip and post your ideas.

I won’t publish any of your comments until then.

3 thoughts on “Goldfinger’s laser – update”

  1. There would be no flame when the laser cuts through the metal as a laser would give a heat free cut. Got it at the first attempt too! Btw a laser wouldn’t show up on camera so it must be added in. I expect you to die in awe of my answer.

  2. Is it that lasers are only visible in a line if they pass through something such as smoke (which is why most spies (and museum robbers for that matter) spray something in the air / on the floor of a room to check if there are any laser beams set to trigger an alarm when broken)


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