Using excel for AH Physics investigation graphs

We spent some time today looking at ways of analysing data obtained from your investigation experiments. It is often a good idea to generate a graph of your results.  Your graph does not have to be drawn by hand, it can be produced on a spreadsheet.  If you do decide to use a spreadsheet, remember to print the gridlines on your final version of the graph.

If you use Excel, there is a function called linest that can be used to determine the gradient of the best-fit line and the intercept with the y-axis.  If you follow the instructions below, the linest function will also calculate the uncertainty in the gradient and intercept point for you.

Here is a linest tutorial to get you started.  It also includes instructions on how to add custom error bars to your graph.

Excel Tutorial: Using LINEST function, Plotting a graph, Adding Error Bars

I have included a pdf of a different help sheet – download it using the link at the end of this post.

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