Snow day work for S3

If you can’t get to school due to the snow, here is some physics work so that you can keep up with the course.

We started looking at Ohm’s Law last week. Go to the HelpMyPhysics site and try the Ohm’s Law activities there.  I have also uploaded some additional problems taken from our classroom booklets. Click on the download link below to get your copy.  You can leave a comment here if you get stuck or want to ask a question.

5 thoughts on “Snow day work for S3”

    • Hi Kuba,
      Thanks for leaving your comment.
      Try thinking about other things we sometimes measure.
      For example, how many metres are there in a kilometre?
      Or how many grams of sugar would you need to make a kilogram of sugar?
      Does this help?

      Let me know if you are still stuck.


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