nat5 latent heat of fusion/vaporisation

Those experiments to determine the latent heat of fusion and latent heat of vaporisation for water bring the dynamics and space unit to a close.  Here is a copy of the handout we used in class.  You will be tested on this unit in your double period next week, so please remember to download a copy of the summery notes to help with revision this weekend.


Satellites are similar to the horizontally launched projectiles we looked at last week.  A satellite moves horizontally at constant speed but also accelerates vertically towards the planet’s surface due to gravity.  Thankfully, the curvature of the Earth means the satellite doesn’t crash but keeps on orbiting the planet.

According to SQA, National 5 candidates need to know about the

Impact of space exploration on our understanding of planet Earth, including use of satellites.

So far this week, we have covered many applications in which satellites are used to study our planet.  Examples include;

monitoring volanoes

weather forecasting
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climate change

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