We’ve been looking at forces for the past two weeks. Here are some notes and videos to help you learn more about this topic.

Newton’s 1st Law

animation showing effects of air resistance

Friction: here are 3 clips about friction from the BBC programme Bang goes the Theory

and look what happens when cold weather removes the friction that helps you to control your car!

Here are some videos on balanced and unbalanced forces affecting the motion of objects.  The first clip examines the forces on a cyclist as she cycles round a velodrome.

The second clip looks at the way skydivers use forces to land safely.

Newton’s 2nd law

Newton’s 3rd law

I’ve written a blog post on Newton’s third law during a rocket launch that shows Newton’s 3rd law very clearly.  There’s also a follow-up post on Newton’s third law with footage of the Apollo 11 rockets destroying the launch pad.

If you’ve read all that stuff on forces, take a break to watch the Glesga Physics Newton’s Laws video

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