National 5 exam questions – waves and radiation

As promised, here are the Waves and Radiation exam questions from previous Standard Grade Credit and Intermediate 2 papers.  A pdf of solutions will follow.

4 thoughts on “National 5 exam questions – waves and radiation”

  1. Hi,
    This was really useful but it would be good if you could post the answer sheet as I dont have much of a clue if I got it right or not!
    Cheers, Rory

  2. I don’t understand Q1) A how do I find the SPEED when I only have the TIME. To find the SPEED you need the TIME and DISTANCE. (S=D/T)

  3. The clue is in the question. It says STATE, not CALCULATE, so you don’t have to use a relationship to obtain the answer. Use your knowledge of another region of the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM to get the answer.


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