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  1. For question 5(a) is the volume not 2.4 cubic metres? As it gives 240 cubic centimetres? A bit confused as I thought my final answer of 2760kg was really big but not sure where 2.4×10-4 comes from!

    • Think about how much space 240 cubic centimeters takes up. That’s 240ml, quite a small glass beaker, it’s certainly less than the volume of a standard can of coke. One cubic metre would be a cube, where each side is the length of a metre stick – so one cubic metre is a large volume, really.
      Try working through the information on this link. Page 2 is quite helpful in terms of changing units. Then try the questions that follow. If you do each question twice, once to get the answer in cm3 and then again to find an answer in m3, you should get a feel for the difference in units.


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