S3 snow day work

I have uploaded a set of notes on the Using Electricity unit.  Please click on the download link below and save a copy on your computer at home.  I would like everyone to read up to the end of page 19.  This will cover everything that we have looked at so far on this topic.

Please try to answer as many of the questions in these notes as you can, either by printing out the pages and writing in the spaces or using your Physics jotter.

You may leave a comment if you get stuck with anything and I will try to help.

2 thoughts on “S3 snow day work”

  1. Apologies for using this route to get in touch. One of my AH students Googled solutions to the AH 2002 paper and came across fizzics. However he was not able to download the pdf strange error message appeared. Other downloads are working. If you do have a working pdf 2002 could you eitehr forward a copy or let me know how to get it from fizzics. An excellent resource

  2. Sorry. I moved the site over to a new server during the summer and some of the links were broken. I have been fixing them as people let me know about them. I think all the past paper ones for AH are working now. Get back to me if there are still issues.


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