5.5 snow day work – past paper questions

We only had 6 people in class today due to lack of school buses.  Those who made it in asked to do revision questions, so we worked through the 2010 Higher paper.  If you couldn’t get in today, please download the paper by clicking on the link below.

I would like you to attempt the following questions;

  • Q24 (all)
  • Q25 part (a) only
  • Q26 parts (a) & (b) only
  • Q27 (all)
  • Q28 (all)

This will cover a good section of the unit 3 work you have been looking at with Mrs. Sutherland as well as the unit 2 material you have covered in my class.  Remember you have booklets with worked solutions but please only use once you have finished or are stuck and can’t get any further without help.

Add a comment to this post if you have any questions.

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