inside a tv set

We spent the last lesson of this term taking an old colour television apart. Even if you didn’t have the screwdriver, you were able to see the whole thing close up thanks to Ellie’s webcam and the digital projector.  I have edited down the footage to around 2.5 minutes of TV destruction and added some still shots as well.

inside a tv set from mr mackenzie on Vimeo.

Can you use your knowledge of how a tv works to identify some of the parts as they are removed from the box?  Leave a comment to tell me what you noticed.  I’ll keep them secret until after the holidays so everyone gets a chance to reply.  You can download a smaller version of the video from iTunes.

P.S.  As we are now in the Easter holidays, I have left you an Easter egg. Who will be the first to find it?

4 thoughts on “inside a tv set”

  1. 2:23 Conor is spelt wrong but I also noticed that the field coils were on opposite sides of the plastic cover depending on position, I can only assume to assist in steering the electrons.

  2. There was an aeriel and an electron gun, which moves starting from the top left corner across screen at about 7000m/s.


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