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  1. Not relevant to past papers but I just thought this cleared up some of the ignorance we had about the LHC.

    Once a beam of protons reaches the right energy level, the PS Booster injects it into another accelerator called the Super Proton Synchotron (SPS). The beams continue to pick up speed. By now, beams have divided into bunches. Each bunch contains 1.1 x 1011 protons, and there are 2,808 bunches per beam [source 1=”CERN” language=”:”][/source]. The SPS injects beams into the LHC, with one beam traveling clockwise and the other going counterclockwise.

    Inside the LHC, the beams continue to accelerate. This takes about 20 minutes. At top speed, the beams make 11,245 trips around the LHC every second. The two beams converge at one of the six detector sites positioned along the LHC. At that position, there will be 600 million collisions per second [source 1=”CERN” language=”:”][/source].

  2. Dear Mackenzie,

    I would be really glad if I can get 2002 AH physics question paper. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Million thanks.


  3. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the solutions to 2001 AH physics paper.
    I have tried my best to find them, but i can’t find it.
    Thank you so much if you can.


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