Inside a Hoover

Here is the video we recorded yesterday.  I have trimmed the film down to 3 minutes in length so we can focus on the more essential aspects of the “hoover autopsy”.  You’ll notice that I have removed all of the conversations we had while the hoover was being filmed.

Your job is to tell me something about the things in the video.

It might be

  • something about electricity you remembered from before the holidays
  • maybe you learned something as we took the hoover apart?
  • sharing information about something you can see in the video
  • a calculation based on information you spotted in the video.

There are a few ways you can do this.

I uploaded the video to a site called Voicethread.  This site allows you to record voice or video clips as well as typing a comment.  It will also let you doodle on the video at any point if you need to highlight something.  Click on the Voicethread video where it says comment to share something you learned or remembered during the lesson or from the video.

If you choose to leave a comment on Voicethread, use only your 1st name when you sign up to their site and pick a picture or cartoon for your image.  Don’t go uploading a photo of yourself – see how I chose to use a picture of a Highland cow instead of my own photo.

The other way to make your contribution is to add a comment straight on to this blog.  You can do this by using the comment link next to this blog post.  Your comment will go into a queue for me to check it is not spam, so don’t expect it to go on to the blog straight away.

If you want to keep a copy of the video, feel free to click on the download link below.

0 thoughts on “Inside a Hoover”

  1. I remember that Q=It, (Charge=Current x time)
    IT Current is measured in amps with an ammeter
    Charge is measured in Coulombs
    Time is measured in seconds with a stopwatch
    If a current of 12amps flows in a circuit for 20 seconds then
    =current x time
    =12 x 20


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