HW solutions are available on iTunes…

…but only after you have submitted your jotter!!

Seriously though, I have discovered that it’s quite straightforward to get worked solutions in a video format so that iTunes will take them as a video podcast.  All of the HW from just before the holidays is now ready to go in iTunes and I would like you to try subscribing to the podcast to see if we can all get it to work.

What does this mean?  Well, you will need to have some software installed on your computer that can monitor podcasts, iTunes is a popular route for this but other software such as Juice (windows, mac, linux) or Ziepod (windows) will also work for you.  

If you have iTunes installed, just find the little button on the right of this page that says “iTunes” in it.  Click on the button and it should open iTunes on your computer, starting at my podcast page.  All you need to do then is hit the subscribe button next to the picture to start downloading the files.  You can then transfer these to your iPod, phone, mp4 player in the same way as you would transfer music or films.

For any other service, such as Juice or Ziepod, you need to right-click on the link that says “RSS: Podcast” and copy the link URL.  Now open your aggregator program and go to the screen that lets you subscribe to a new podcast and paste in the URL from your clipboard.

If anyone needs some help with this, come and see me and I’ll try to get it working for you.

Note: when you get the files, you’ll notice that they have been shrunk to the size of an iPod screen.  This means so you can’t watch them very easily on a PC anymore.  Go back and use the video links from Youtube if you want to use a computer to watch them.

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