5 thoughts on “AH unit 1 NAB”

  1. Mr Mackenzie,
    I have just tried to log on to the scholar website in order to do some practice questions for the NAB tomorrow. However, i find that in place of Advanced Higher physics there is Advanced Higher biology. Meaning i cannot access the revision materials for the Advanced Higher physics course and can therefore not revise on the website. If you could send me an alternative password etc which would allow me to do so, i would be most grateful. Thanks

  2. Hi Holly,
    Your past sins have caught up with you! I will ask someone to try to fix it tomorrow but don’t know how long it takes. Come and see me after reg tomorrow and I will have a password for AH physics then – unfortunately it won’t be linked to your own Scholar account.

  3. Hey,
    thanks for helping me change the “stroking rabbits subject”, but is there no chance i can get a temporary password that i can use today so that i can revise for tomorrow. The scholar booklet can only give me limited help and i feel i would benefit from trying the questions on the website. Or if you have any other suggestions for revision material, it would be greatly appriciated 😀


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