series or parallel?

We’ve been looking at the different properties of series and parallel circuits over the past week or so.  Since there are only 91 days left until Christmas, I thought I would ask you all for some shopping advice.


I need a new set of Christmas tree lights.  Should I be in the market for a set of lights built in series or parallel?  Don’t forget to tell me what information influenced your choice!

If you’re not sure why the series/parallel decision would make a difference to tree lights, you might want to check this site.  There’s also some information on series and parallel circuits here.

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  1. You should shop for a set of christmas lights that are wired in parallel. This is because it will allow all the remaining lights to continue working even if one light is faulty. It will also be a lot easier for you to identify the faulty light as all the rest will be lit.


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