photoelectric effect

We looked at the photoelectric effect this week.  I’ve been looking for some video demonstrations but there are very few explanations that I would be happy to recommend.  The animation I used in class is available here.  I also found a nice demonstration on youtube (see below) that uses a different type of electroscope to indicate the presence of charge.

This video is also attached as a podcast.

Higher summary notes

Someone sent me a link to a great set of summary notes for the entire Higher Physics course.  They are from Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh and I’d like to thank them Physics dept there for making them available.  Use the download link or save it by getting the podcast episode in iTunes.

deriving the equations of motion

I’ve been looking through the results of the traffic light survey we did at the end of unit 1 of the higher course.  The learning outcome that most people were unhappy about was the derivation of the equations of motion.

I put together a handout that outlines where the 3 equations come from, starting with a simple velocity-time graph.  Let me know if you think your understanding of this outcome would benefit from the video treatment I have used in your homework solutions.