deriving the equations of motion

I’ve been looking through the results of the traffic light survey we did at the end of unit 1 of the higher course.  The learning outcome that most people were unhappy about was the derivation of the equations of motion.

I put together a handout that outlines where the 3 equations come from, starting with a simple velocity-time graph.  Let me know if you think your understanding of this outcome would benefit from the video treatment I have used in your homework solutions.

Higher HW questions for Wed 12 November

Here is your homework for next Wednesday (12th November).  I have taken these questions from a SQA source to illustrate the various formats used for examination questions at Higher.  You should attempt all 7 questions.

The first 5 questions are a selection of different styles of multiple choice question.  I have chosen questions to test aspects of unit 1 that we have already covered.  You should show all of your working for these questions, do not answer by simply writing a letter A-E.  

The next 2 questions demonstrate the longer exam style.  These are representative of the questions you may meet in a NAB or Section B of an exam.  Again, show all working.