Higher Physics on the move

I’ve used some study leave time to complete the set of questions I said I would give you for your mobile phone.  From the class survey, it looks like 240 pixels wide by 320 pixels high is the ideal size for one of these.  There are 18 questions, “stolen” from some very old SQA multiple choice papers I found in a cupboard.  I’ve tweaked a couple of them to bring them up to date with the current course content.

To use the questions on your phone:

  1. hit the download icon below to get the attached zip file on to your computer
  2. unzip the file to reveal the jpg files inside
  3. send the files to the picture folder on your phone* by bluetooth or usb

*make sure your phone displays them in numerical order, i.e. Q0010.jpg, then Q0011.jpg, etc. – otherwise you’ll get the answer before the question!

I had to send the files individually by bluetooth because my bluetooth program reversed their order.  You might need to check which order your bluetooth or usb transfer uses & send them in the wrong order to get it right on your phone.  Ask me if you’re still not sure how to do this.

Here’s a sample question:


Higher HW download has been fixed

Sara pointed out this afternoon that there was a problem with the iTunes HW I put online last night.  I think the file was currupted when I uploaded it because it wouldn’t work for me either!

I have sent it up to the server again and it seems to work on both mac and pc.  Can you delete the old one from your iTunes library if you downloaded it last night or this morning and try again.  Please leave a comment if it still won’t work for you.

Higher HW questions for Wed 12 November

Here is your homework for next Wednesday (12th November).  I have taken these questions from a SQA source to illustrate the various formats used for examination questions at Higher.  You should attempt all 7 questions.

The first 5 questions are a selection of different styles of multiple choice question.  I have chosen questions to test aspects of unit 1 that we have already covered.  You should show all of your working for these questions, do not answer by simply writing a letter A-E.  

The next 2 questions demonstrate the longer exam style.  These are representative of the questions you may meet in a NAB or Section B of an exam.  Again, show all working.