S4 Prelims

The prelims are coming!

I’ve created a page on this site to help you prepare for the exams.  Go to the top of the page and click on the link that says S4 revision or just click here.

S4 reaction times

When we started the transport unit a couple of weeks ago, we investigated the reaction times of different people in the class by getting them to time how long it took for Andrew’s plasticine to fall from the ceiling to the floor.

I found a great game on the BBC website that will allow you to measure (and perhaps improve) your own reaction time .  Why don’t you try it for yourself and post your best times in a comment.

Get your own FREE copy of the SQA data booklet!

The data booklet you use during your physics end-of-topic tests is available as a free download from the SQA website.  It’s a good idea to get hold of your own copy so you are familiar with where to find everything.  You can get the booklet here† (make sure you save a copy to your pc to save you downloading it again). 

†You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, get it here if you don’t have it already.