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Communication satellite failed to reach geostationary orbit

This video shows a European Space Agency Ariane rocket that was launched earlier this week.  The rocket was carrying two satellites intended for geostationary orbit, the W3B satellite for French company Eutelsat and a satellite for Japanese company B-SAT corporation, called BSAT-3b. There’s lot of information in the clip.  The commentator tells viewers about the liquid rocket fuels (hydrogen and… Read more »

Newton III in action – continued

This amazing footage of the Saturn V rocket launch for the Apollo11 moon landing mission has been put online by Mark Gray.  The video provides an extra dimension to the launch photograph in my earlier post about Newton’s 3rd law of motion.  While that picture shows an enormous plume of gas being forced out of each rocket exhaust, the video… Read more »

Newton III in action

On Friday, we examined the importance of Newton’s 3rd law of motion.  In our discussions, different explanations for the motion of jets and rockets were proposed and considered.  The front runners were; at launch, the ground pushes back against a rocket during flight, air pushes back against a plane Unfortunately, the lack of ground and air (or any other gas)… Read more »