viewing the solar eclipse

We spoke about the eclipse in class today.  It’s really important that you follow advice for watching the eclipse safely to avoid permanent damage to your eyes.

You can buy eclipse viewing glasses online.  They look like this


and only cost a few pounds per pair.  Make sure any glasses you buy have the CE mark on them.

Here is one UK retailer of eclipse viewing glasses who still has them in stock.

Although we’re not in the totality (100%) zone, Thurso is well placed to get a good view.  Here is a simulation for Orkney, our view will be very similar.  Click on the picture to start to animation.


Using Excel to crunch numbers

We’re going to the library for the next few periods. Download the instructions using the link below. Use your own LO3 data instead of the numbers I have provided.

By the end of this activity you will be able to;

  • manipulate raw data using formulae in cells
  • plot a graph of your results
  • add error bars to your graph
  • add a line of best fit
  • calculate the gradient and y-axis intercept of your line

AH Physics: wave-particle duality

We’ve been looking at wave-particle duality this week.

Here are 2 videos. The first is about electron diffraction (G. Thomson’s experiment) and De Broglie’s equation, while the second looks at the Davisson-Germer experiment.

Following on from our discussion of the Davisson-Germer experiment, I found a copy of Davisson’s Nobel Lecture online.  You can read it using the download link below.  You should be able to follow Davisson’s lecture as it ties in nicely with the modern physics element of the AH course.